Unlock growth through content

I specialize in helping tech and DTC brands with content strategy and execution. If you’d like to work together, I’m available for one-off strategy reviews as well as fractional content leadership and multi-month engagements.

During my career I have:

  • Scaled blogs to millions of readers
  • Hosted and produced podcasts featured by Apple and
  • Launched the first B2B 'podcast conference' (nominated for a Webby Award)
  • Generated over $12m tracked revenue for DTC brands from SEO

My work has been featured by Fast Company, Lifehacker, TNW, Entrepreneur and Buzzfeed.

I was previously head of content at Buffer and an early marketing hire Wayflyer.

Bring me onboard as a fractional content lead

Hire me to join your team and help launch or refocus your content marketing strategy. I'll assist your marketing leadership to create a strategy that's fully aligned with your business goals and unlocks your potential.

Min. 3-month commitment preferred. I currently have space to take on one fractional head of content client.

Level up your content strategy

Having been a head of content at multiple companies and built my own media brands, I know first-hand how important an outside perspective can be — especially if you've been creating content for a while.

I'll work with your team to review your existing strategy and help unlock your next phase of growth. We'll focus on area like content formats, your positioning in the market, and how content can best serve your overall business goals.

You'll get three one-hour review calls. I'll also join your company Slack (or other comms. tools) for async communication during the engagement.

Helping creators build niche media brands

I develop, launch, and publish high-quality editorial content in partnership with creators and niche experts in order to increase reach and build new revenue streams. We can either launch a new brand from scratch or build on your existing website/blog.

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